The BDM ‘How-To Handbook’ has just been written.

Whether you’re a Business Development Manager (a BDM), thinking of hiring one or you manage BDM’s then this 12-part webinar series is for you.

Delivered over 12 months from two of the world’s best BDM coaches, Deniz Yusuf and Michael Sanz have between them personally signed up over 1500 managements/doors.

Be confident and know you’re being coached by the very best so you can generate the most successful, sustainable growth results for you and your PM Company.

Book your seat, buckle up your seat belt and get ready for real BDM expertise and ‘KNOW-HOW’ delivered directly to you and your team to GROW your PM Company to better and more effective results than you ever thought was possible!

BDM Empower- Webinar Series

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Olivia Knott Testimonial“Being a team of one has been challenging and even lonely at times… I commenced training with Deniz very early into my business, I think I was only at 6 managements back then. Deniz has always been available for me, he has given me tips and tricks in boosting my confidence, praised me when I succeeded and endless amounts of encouragement when I felt like giving up. The growth of my business for a coastal town has been nothing short of remarkable. Deniz encompasses the true meaning of the title coach and in my opinion, is the best investment I have made for my business.” Olivia Knott, Knott Just Rentals SA

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Inspired Growth Training
If your office isn’t growing at the numbers that you would like to achieve there’s two factors to check:

number 1
Does your office have enough New Business leads?
If not our focus will be on lead generating.
number 2
There’s loads of leads coming in, but your team isn’t converting them
Our focus will be on skills and follow up of your team.
Personal review and assessment of your office
Identify blockages and understand your current new business process
Set Goals and Targets
Review your lead tracking system or implement one
Implement accountability and follow up
KPI’s for New Business
Training on scripts and dialogues
Ready to achieve your new business goals?

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